Power Plant Project

Power plant Projects

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TAVANEER Co. Francis Runner-S shape blades Stainless Steel
NEYRPERSE Co. Francis Runner-X shape blades Stainless Steel

Runner as the core of the turbine of a power plant is considered as a strategic part of the hydro power industries.

The main aim of this project is to increase technical knowledge and localization of runner production & manufacturing technology for the first time in the country. It is evident that in long term by improving quality and increasing service life, reliance on import of such strategic items will diminish.


Production of these pieces inside the country in addition to considerable financial savings, will create many job opportunities, experience in design, casting, machining & balancing alloyed heavy and super heavy pieces. Furthermore it puts our country IRAN along side of the technology owning countries in the world. Manufacturing expenses are around 65% of the cost of its similar foreign made piece.

Execution process:

Runner is consisted of three main components. Crown, Band, Propellers.

Due to its sensitivity and complication, its pattern was prepared by ( CMM ) 3 dimensional digital analyzer device and its design and preparation of the drawings were carried out with high accuracy.

In computerized simulation stage, the most advanced various engineering softwares were implemented. Alloys used in manufacturing the piece, was upgraded based on its working condition. To optimize tolerance calculation, manufacturing accuracy, force analysis and overall functionality; computer simulation was performed and appropriate technical knowlage was accumulated.


Productivity and cost reduction, addition to moving towards export of technical know how and products.

Achieving technical knowledge for design & manufacturing applicable samples of runner for power plant of Dez dam.