Engineering Department

 Engineering Services Department: 

SAYA steel industries engineering and manufacturing company relying on the experience and specialty of its expertise personnel and taking advantage of the worlds new software potentialities, is ready to render engineering, designing, consulting, supervision and management of planning with analysis and project control services to different industries . 

The company having certificate of qualification for carrying activities in execution of industrial projects by GC designing and method from administration an planning organization of the country and technical and engineering license from the ministry of industries and mines and also certificate of research and development from the ministry of industry and mines, is rendered of technical and engineering services as below : 

1- Execution of industrial projects such as engineering , supply of the goods and equipment, construction, erection on PC & EPC basis ( TURNKEY ) for industrial projects. 

2- Preparation of feasibility reports, techno – economical explanation, consideration and study of industrial plans. 

3- Carrying out applied research projects in the field of manufacturing, production, improving and increasing capacity of producing industrial pieces. 

4- Designing and consulting all the mining and industrial systems. 

5- Study, consider and select of know and mining and industrial equipment . 

6- Designing industrial units in the areas such as production process, construction, mechanic, facilities, electricity, automation and instrumentation. 

7- Rendering engineering services in the field of casting, metallurgy and mechanic selection of material, production process, preparation of manufacturing drawings, assimilate production and computerized assimilation in above – mentioned areas. 

8- Preparation of technical documents and special conditions for domestic and foreign tenders. 

9- Obtaining technical and financial proposals foreign manufacturers of production lines and equipment. 

10- Consultation in selection of foreign suppliers of equipment. 

11- Technical consideration of interior and foreign contracts . 

12- Execution of industrial projects including manufacturing equipment, construction and facility works , erection and commissioning mechanical equipment , electrical , automation and instrumentation . 

13- Calculation, design, selection, improving defect removing commissioning and preparation of documents and technical identification of the equipment. 

14- Supervision on execution of industrial projects , in purchase , manufacture installation testing and commissioning of equipment and preparation of identification and documents as well as production lines , pricing and strategic management . 

15- Rendering industrial engineering services such as fault finding and engineering . 

16- Rendering consultation services in the field of creation, setting and applying quality management order on the basis of ISO 9000.