Human sources

Now, we have entered in to the third millennium which is more instable, dynamic exciting and discouraging than any area. With regard to this stormy world of today which the call it the epoch of transform, organizations are encountered various challenges’ with one of the most important of them, is change of the human sources. In general this challenges due to the change which is occurred in for basic aspects including technology, structure of strategies and culture of the organization. Each one of this changes cause new challenges in management of human sources.

With consideration above – mentioned, mission and desired objectives of the organization, the human sources unit, with investigating obstacles and bottle necks of the unsuccessful previous programs, has focused on identification of the suitable solutions for realization of the programs and with and advice and help of the chief executives of the organization, has compiled strategic program for SAYA human sources unit and update it frequently.

 From the main objectives of the company in this respect, we can refer to 

-       Making more suitable and affective use of the manpower. 

-       Developing manpower capacities and improving their level of satisfaction. 

-       Planning more suitable and effective job opportunities. 

Development process of the human sources of the organizations. In general the main key for having stable and constant competitive advantages in the modern world is developing. Access with certain features such as durability, value creativity un replace ability. About human sources, this kinds an specific meaning because man power is the most valuable an essential property of the organization. That is why development process of human sources in SAYA Co. is carried out on the basis of these following principles.

 -       Partnership: collaboration in making foundations and planning programs. 

-       Continuation: receiving feedbacks and controlling the programs. 

-       Globalization: coordination and making relation between unties and systems. 

So it is suggested the manager of human sources to consider the following points in globalization of the industry and business. 

-       Identification realities of the business in the markets and making human sources activities compatible with the actual and exciting needs. 

-       Transforming roll of the exciting administration system and moving it towards professional management of human sources. 

-       Increasing share of the customer by liking profit of the customers and profit of the personnel. 

-       Helping field managers in their strategic process by improving capacity and capability of the human sources. 

-       Definition and designing value creativity plans for the personnel and making share of their capacity for performing their jobs. 

-       Making use of professional and knowledge man power in full and part time services. 

-       Making use of applied management and playing and instructor roll for guiding the personnel in getting specified targets. 

-       Process management and informative activities in such way to create value. 

-       Having a clear strategic planning process for co-directing investments on human sources with the business goals. 

-       Co-directing the organization with business strategy. 

-       Enjoying services of the personnel who play clear and suitable roll. 

Creation of capability in personnel improving their individual skills to manifest their competence.