Quality Policy
                                                          In The Name of God
SAYA Steel Industries  Engineering and Manufacturing  Company has  defined  its  Quality  Policy  as
Hence, the company’s management has selected  ISO 9001 : 2008
as quality system model and has committed all organizational resources to its implementation and continual optimization.
Utmost trust and satisfaction of customers and stakeholders
Increased productivity and continuous improvement of all activities
Positive participation in local and global markets with mutually beneficial  cooperation  with  all  partners  and  competitors
Emphasizing engineering , research and development functions
Personnel career development and various benefit programs toward organizational excellence
Competitive , intelligent , intellectual views on all subjects 
Continuous training along with full participation of management and personnel for organizational improvements and team work
Accomplishment of superior products and services , rational cost control , on time delivery and overall value creation for stakeholders
Promotion of enthusiasm , responsibility , accuracy , discipline and perseverance toward final results
Delegation , encouragement , motivation , combination of expertise and experience , continuous evaluation and feedbacks
                                                                                                 Managing Director
                                                                                        Mohamad hosein moshref noory